WaterWorx: Preview

WaterWorx: Preview

March 3, 2022
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Ever heard the expression “you had to be there”?

At Signature Teambuilding we believe that the best way to learn and understand is by doing. Because of this, we invite you to join us for a workshop preview of our custom teambuilding program, WaterWorx, to see what it is all about before bringing your own team or group!

During WaterWorx’s three different phases teams will be tested on their ability to work together, ensure one another’s success and solve complex problems. Teams will use tubing, connectors, valves and pumps to build a fluid transport system that will move various colors of water from their sources to 12 random destinations on demand. Check out our promotional video here.

Phase 1 (Design/Build): Teams will define the problem, ideate, prototype and test, while understanding how the systems’ parts (including the team members) are interrelated and connected.

Phase 2 (Individual Time Trial): Team members will be challenged to think differently, anticipate change and learn through experience. Communicating those learnings to others creates the foundation for a high performing team.

Phase 3 (Team Project): Teams will use what they have learned from the previous phases to complete a final project. Teams have a shared purpose, a challenging goal, clear roles, and a common and collaborative approach in order to complete the final exercise.


Mar 03 2022

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