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Shifting Gears

  • Thinking Differently
  • Problem Solving
  • Relationship Building
  • Purposeful & Fun
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  • Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Change Management
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Expedition Antarctica

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Strategic Thinking
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  • Building Community
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Valuing Teamwork
  • Developing Trust
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Personify Leadership

  • For Leaders:
  • Multi-Method
  • Comprehensive
  • Fun!
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Recharge your Workplace

Shifting Gears

A customized series of connected problem-solving activities that requires your team to use all their talent, creativity and unique capabilities to succeed. Each program is designed from scratch to address your team’s particular challenges. The outcome: deeper relationships and new ways of thinking.




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Capital One

“The team loved the program, particularly how it brought all of us together through very interactive and thoughtful exercises. There was never a dull moment during the entire 3-hour session.”
Rahul Dhareshwar

Thinking Differently

Every team thinks they can benefit from buzzwords like “communication” and “trust” but rarely know where to begin. We take these big concepts and boil them down into smaller, bite-sized starting points.

Problem Solving

Effort and commitment is required to step out of a comfort zone and into a learning zone. Our unique and proven process encourages people to question their conventional way of addressing problems and working together.

Relationship Building

There’s a big difference between “being in the same place” with your people and “actively engaging in meaningful interactions” with them. We shuffle the teams for each initiative so every participant works with at least 80% of the entire group.

Purposeful & Fun

We know people learn best when they are completely engaged in a process. Fun stimulates interest, and interest creates effort. Effort pushes learning, and learning brings lasting change.

Challenge your Team


Teams will use tubing, connectors, valves and pumps to build a fluid transport system that will move various colors of water from their sources to 12 random destinations on demand. During three different phases teams will be tested on their ability to work together, ensure one another’s success and solve complex problems.




years of R & D




recyclable materials

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

"Well done. Very interactive. The team enjoyed it and utilized experiences in different areas. WaterWorx showed the importance of communication and utilizing the expertise of the team."

Phase 1 (Design/Build)

Teams will define the problem, ideate, prototype and test, while understanding how the systems’ parts (including the team members) are interrelated and connected.

Phase 2 (Individual Time Trial)

Team members will be challenged to think differently, anticipate change and learn through experience. Communicating those learnings to others creates the foundation for a high performing team.

Phase 3 (Team Project)

Teams will use what they have learned from the previous phases to complete a final project. Teams have a shared purpose, a challenging goal, clear roles, and a common and collaborative approach in order to complete the final exercise.

Unite your Organization

Expedition Antarctica

Teams are tasked with planning and embarking on an expedition to Antarctica to collect as many specimens as possible in just 20 weeks. Teams are outfitted with sufficient but not excessive resources for the journey so planning, collaboration and teamwork are mission critical. This tabletop simulation will transport your team to the unexplored regions of the Southern Hemisphere in an unforgettable and unforgiving trek across Antarctica.

Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute

"The group really enjoyed Expedition Antarctica because it was hands-on and out-of-the-box. The energy was high and the participants enjoyed putting leadership skills to the test. One said, “This activity made me look inside myself…about how I reacted and interacted throughout the game…and what that means about my leadership style."
Nakeina E. Douglas-Glenn, Director


We identify the lessons of leadership from renowned explored of an iconic period in history known as the “Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration”. Earnest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, with their teams and dogs, faced the most unforgiving odds and unfavorable climate conditions. Explore the many facets of leadership and what it takes to successfully lead a team.


When teams work in “siloed” environments due to geography, areas of responsibility, or the advent of virtual teams, they often forget they are part of a larger “one”. The results of this can be competition for resources and creating win/lose work environments. We explore the idea that collaboration is a “proactive” process rather than a “reactive” process.

Strategic Thinking

Teams that are strategic and nimble are poised to succeed in today’s work environment. Teams that are able to focus on the goal and develop a strategic foresight capacity will have the greatest degree of success. However, teams must also be agile, creative, and open to alternate outcomes to evaluate and anticipate unforeseen future outcomes.

Empower Your Group


An epic adventure in teamwork where trust, support, vulnerability and empathy are the keys to success. Teams accomplish tasks they never thought possible and build confidence in one another that transforms the way they will work together in the future. TeamQuest is delivered by the most highly qualified facilitators in the industry.




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Genworth Financial

"They came away with exactly what they had hoped to accomplish and will reflect on the day many times and in many future situations."
Gay Curtin

Building Community

Teams may be able to accomplish a task but how did they feel doing it? Is the process sustainable or a flash in the pan endeavor? TeamQuest levels the playing field giving each person a chance to shine and gain an appreciation for one another, to allow us to see people as people not as the tool to get a task done.

Breaking Barriers

Are we learning and growing everyday or are we sitting back in our “comfort zone” where we simply exist and strive to be safe at all times?Are we willing to take calculated risks and work hard? Learning and growing only happens when we are willing to stretch ourselves and try new things.

Valuing Teamwork

Being dependent can be a sign of weakness while being independent can be a sign of strength. What’s needed is interdependence — a real sense of working together. Being able to ask for and offer help and realizing the team can accomplish more together.

Developing Trust

Trust can mean different things to people. TeamQuest puts this word into action by creating situations in which people must work together, communicate clearly, plan together and rely on each other in order to be successful.

Develop Your Skills

Personify Leadership

Personify Leadership is an engaging two-day, high intensity program providing comprehensive development for leaders in eight core competencies derived from our body-focused model. You won’t sit long because our training is interactive and experiential and you'll be exposed to ground breaking research in the field of leadership development.


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CUNA Mutual

"Upon completing Personify Leadership, I gained a comprehensive, practical set of skills that I can immediately apply in my work to be a more effective leader."
Gerry Singleton

For Leaders

Leadership is not for the faint of heart. When others
whine, you look for solutions. When others fail, you
provide comfort and coaching. It takes all you’ve
got, but the good news is you have what it takes.

Multi-method Approach

During this program you will be exposed to five
learning methods: experiential simulations, video demonstrations, case studies, skills application and
personal reflection.


Because leadership is so complex, you need a
comprehensive tool box ready to go. When you
complete this program, you will have tangible tools
for real world application for a variety of situations.


Who says learning has to be “Death by PowerPoint”?
You’ll love the engaging, interactive nature of
this program.

Individually or Together.

Individually, our programs address obstacles that prevent teams from achieving their full potential. Together, they lay the foundation for lasting change.

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