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I’m GREG HUBER, and here is what I’ve learned in 25 years of delivering team building programs:

  • If something is easy, it’s not worth doing.
  • People hate change, but they can learn to love it.
  • Feeling good never made anyone great.
  • Give your team the chance to amaze you, and they will.


Trust & Support • Breaking Barriers
TeamQuest is the most challenging program Signature Teambuilding offers. It isn’t designed to be easy. It’s designed to make your team better.


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Problem Solving • Change Management
Deadlines shift. Project requirements change. That’s how work works. Your team has two options: Complain about the circumstances, or refocus their strategy to meet the goals.


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Collaboration • Decision Making

The best teams don’t win when others lose. When you have a single team, everyone cooperates. Add a second team, and the dynamic naturally shifts from cooperation to competition.


Communication • Relationship Building
Shifting Gears is a customized series of connected problem-solving activities that requires your team to use all their talent, creativity and unique capabilities to succeed.


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Who benefits from Signature Teambuilding

teambuilding programsOur clients don’t want silly games that embarrass people. They know the difference between “Team Bonding” and “Team Development.”

Companies choose Signature Teambuilding because they want to develop their human capital.

Teams experience success through our connected suite of customized programs that push team members out of their comfort zones and help them discover new behaviors.

Unsure if our programs are right for your group?
Contact us.

Why we do what we do

Our unique process is the most effective way for individuals and teams to build relationships and trust … develop skills in problem solving and change management … and break down barriers that limit team performance.

  • Recognize the need for fun and engagement
  • Center around powerful learning
  • Walk away with something worthwhile

Let’s discuss how our programs can be customized for your group. Contact us today.

Take a risk, Get results

  • Focus on 1-2 core goals
  • Deeper insight brings lasting change
  • Best results come from reinforcing goals throughout the session

Your goals are our priority. Contact us to get started.

Take a risk, Get results

  • Longer than half a day, people lose interest
  • Intense programming creates more “Aha!” moments
  • Teambuilding exercises are customized and lengths can be adjusted

Every program is customized. Contact us to discuss your options.

Take a risk, Get results

  • We work with private enterprise and government, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses
  • The language of effective teamwork is universal
  • Highly effective teamwork needs ongoing support

Contact us to get customized pricing for your organization.

Take a risk, Get results

How we do what we do

Our activities are smart, not silly. Our presentation is professional, not juvenile. We’re not about “rah-rah”, but rather “aha”. Participants walk in skeptical and walk out positive.

Our innovative experience-based activities, combined with proven yet simple learning models, allow people to connect what they learn to real-life situations…and then carry the learning forward to on-the-job performance.

Each program is designed on a specific framework that leads to certain known outcomes. Through a thorough needs assessment, programs are then customized to accommodate timeframes, location and space requirements, number of participants, and how the program will connect to your ongoing development objectives. Through it all, the experiences are guaranteed to be fun, engaging, thought-provoking and inclusive.

Have you ever had an experience you would call a true “aha” moment? A moment that changes the way you perceive yourself and others? Signature Teambuilding creates those moments.

Unlike companies that push a menu of scattershot activities, I offer a suite of four thoughtfully designed, interconnected programs:

Individually, these programs address the most common obstacles that prevent teams from performing. Together, they lay the foundation for lasting cultural change.

Communicating. Collaborating. Strategizing. You may wonder, “Do I really need to play a game or climb a tower to learn this stuff?”

Yes. Your team can’t learn these crucial skills by watching a PowerPoint presentation. I built Signature Teambuilding on the philosophy of experiential learning: the idea that we learn most effectively by doing, not merely listening. My programs are designed to nudge participants out of their comfort zones into a new space I call the learning zone — the mental state where risk-taking and learning occur.

Every team has its own quirks, conflicts and challenges. I believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to team building, so I work with each client to select the program that will best meet your goals, design your program and deliver it. Unlike other companies, I never use subcontractors to deliver programs.
Your Team’s Transformation Starts Here

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  • Contact us online

What we do


Whether your team has challenges or if you just want to raise the bar a bit, I guarantee your team can benefit from these programs.

These four interconnected programs are designed to fully develop team potential. They focus on the key elements we have found almost every organization we have worked with in the past 25 years needs.

Individually, these programs address the most common obstacles that prevent teams from performing. Together, they lay the foundation for lasting cultural change.

Need help deciding which program is best for you?
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