No silly games. No escape rooms. No scavenger hunts.

Our programs are fun and engaging and allow everyone to participate. Except we use our experiences to teach important lessons. Learnings that can be immediately applied. We challenge the way groups think about the work they do and how they show up.


Our experiences are fun and inclusive. Conducted on a level playing field people are encouraged to show up as their authentic selves.


Through our experiences, people learn from their outcomes. Sometimes learning from success and sometimes from failure.


Learning is not sufficient by itself. Contemplating what is learned and how it applies is the process of growth. Responsibility comes with learning.


We have the ability to change behaviors but we must become aware of the behavior we want to change first and have some motivation behind it.

30 years of experience with leaders of industry

We have influenced many organizations around the world. Our long list of partners include leaders in their respective ecosystems who believe gaining a fresh perspective through professionally facilitated, outcome-based programming can spawn new ways of conducting business.

Unique Strength of Signature Teambuilding

Experiential Learning

People learn best by doing not listening, reading or watching. When they experience the results that come with applying their existing skills & behavior (both successes and failures) they are more inclined to evaluate their behavior situationally and make the same or different choices in the future.

Pragmatic Approach

Debriefing and integrated learning are part of every program. We work to keep focused on just a few things during each program similar to the way people learn. We use easy to understand, common sense models that people can actually remember and apply, not theoretical non-sense that doesn’t connect in real ways.

Fully Customizable

Our programs are built on proven “frameworks" with 30 years of experience however, we recognize that each client is unique therefore each program is customized to meet their specific goals and learning outcomes.

Innovative Programming

Our programs are “state-of-the-art” and refined over time. We have seen our industry change over time and have stayed true to delivering programs of value and learning, not just fun and games.

Thirty Years Ago...



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