Free Team Building Activity – Have U Ever

This week I am sharing and all-time favorite Signature Teambuilding team building activity.  During some of our team building programs people recognize this one from their days in college sitting around with a bunch of friends with a alcoholic beverages in hand.  No alcohol required (or recommended) for this one!  I like this ice breaker activity mostly because anyone can do it, everyone has choices about how they want to participate, it is genuinely fun and really does…”Break the Ice.”

Have U Ever

Set Up

  • In a large open area everyone is asked to form a circle
  • Each person is issued a Polyspot or bandana to be used as a marking spot
  • One Polyspot is to be placed in the center of the circle


The facilitator stands on the center spot and gives the instructions that the person on the center spot asks a question that begins with, “Have you ever….” The question must be true of the person asking. If it is also true of anyone in the circle, they must change spots, but not with their immediate left or right neighbor. The person in the center would change spots with any of the vacated spots within the circle.

Safety Concerns

  • The participants are told the particular environmental risks of the game such as wet grass and uneven ground. Be cautious when moving to another spot.
  • The game is not meant for the participants to run full tilt to another spot. You might ask they maintain a fast walk in order not to have any accidental slips.
  • The game is not a contact sport so be careful not to knock people down in an attempt to gain a spot.


  • The question must be true of the person in the center
  • The question must be true of anyone moving within the circle
  • You cannot move to a spot either left or right of you
  • You cannot knock anyone off of a spot

Facilitator Options

  • You can also have two people join arms and move when the question is true of either one of them. This is effective when you have a rather large team. If you do this, you could also say that the question must be true for both partners.
  • When a new person is on the center spot you may ask them to give their name to the team and have the team greet each new person.
  • If you have a really large group or want to use this as an opening, change the question to be “I’d Like to Know.” The question asked of the group is “I’d like to know how many people have _____?” If it is true for you, come into the center of the circle and high-five the people in the center. If it is not true for you, stay on the perimeter and clap for everyone. Plan out several questions that will get everyone engaged to come to the center. Tell the participants you will ask the first few questions but then you want them to ask questions that they want to know about. You can always end with “I’d like to know how many people are ready for the day?” and get everyone into the center.


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