We use experiential learning to accelerate the process of building relationships and teamwork.

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We're Different. Find Out Why.

We have two different types of team building programs:

Everyone has a different definition of team building. For some, it is a day of fun and play with no intention of learning anything specific. The experience is passive as it relates to learning and simply sharing an experience together as a team is enough. For others, there are very specific learning objectives and goals for the group. Team building experiences like this are often considered an "investment" in the people.

Signature Teambuilding understands the difference and has clearly differentiated our programs into two categories: Enlighten Your Team (learning) and Energize Your Team (purely fun). Deciding this difference is the starting point with all of our clients. We help you define what you are looking for and if you are unable to decide on your own, our experience will help you determine the best experience for your group.

Enlighten Your Team

experience • learn • grow • change

Programs that enlighten teams are custom-designed and encourage groups to re-think their preconceived definition of teamwork through the use of engaging problem-solving challenges accompanied by rich facilitation, creating learning opportunities that connect to work.

Energize Your Team

play • perform • excite • unite

Programs that energize teams encourage groups to share bonding experiences and to build relationships while bringing out their competitive spirit through the use of fun and exciting problem-solving games and activities.




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The Signature Approach

When we began delivering programs 30 years ago, the word “team building” didn’t exist. Over the last decade, our industry has been diluted by thousands of companies that say they deliver “team building” programs. We like to think we define “team building” a little differently.

Our success is defined by our clients’ success. With over 30 years of experience delivering meaningful and effective team building programs for local businesses and fortune 500 companies in 41 of our 50 states and several countries around the world including Japan and Egypt, we can guarantee a rewarding experience to Energize and/or Enlighten your team.

Our programs are custom-designed and will encourage your team to share bonding experiences using fun, engaging problem-solving activities. But how do you determine the best program for your group? Navigate through our website to find a program that benefits your team, or give us a call! We will help you define what “team building” might look like for your organization and help you outline parameters for success by offering unique ideas and solutions for your organization.

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