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Tired of your team clinging to the status quo?


Rethink, Refuel, Recharge.

Download Shifting Gears PDF

Download Shifting Gears PDF

Shifting Gears is a customized series of connected problem-solving activities that requires your team to use all their talent, creativity and unique capabilities to succeed. Each program is designed from scratch to address your team’s particular challenges.

Group dynamics change during the program; some activities might require people to work in pairs, while others need a team of 10 or the entire group. Shifting Gears is accessible to participants with physical challenges or limited mobility. The outcome: deeper relationships and new ways of thinking.

Program Logistics

PROGRAM SIZE: 10 to 200 participants.

PROGRAM LENGTH: 1.5 to 4 hours.

LOCATION: Indoors or outdoors.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: 30 to 50 sq. ft. per person of clear, open space with one chair per person around the perimeter of the room.

COST: usually $100 to $125 per person


Download program PDF



ChartShifting Gears is just one of our four programs.

These four interconnected programs are designed to fully develop team potential. They focus on the key elements we have found almost every organization we have worked with in the past 25 years needs.

Individually, these programs address the most common obstacles that prevent teams from performing. Together, they lay the foundation for lasting cultural change. View our other teambuilding programs.