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The best teams don’t win when others lose.

Download Program PDF

Download Program PDF

When you have a single team, everyone cooperates. Add a second team, and the dynamic naturally shifts from cooperation to competition.

No surprise, right? We are conditioned to compete, and often this drive serves us well. But when the company culture encourages competition over collaboration, your organization’s performance suffers. The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is a high-energy program that challenges participants to look at teamwork with fresh eyes.

The Lost Dutchman is ideal for company retreats, conferences and other large-scale gatherings that bring together different stakeholders. An intensive debriefing session ensures everyone walks away with concrete ways to change old behaviors.


Program Logistics

PROGRAM SIZE: 18 to 300 participants (6 people in a team).

PROGRAM LENGTH: Minimum program time is 3 hours. Suggested 4 hours for more debrief time and adding a few other activities.

LOCATION: Any indoor location with tables and a projection system.

WHAT IS NEEDED: A round table and chairs for each team. Additional 1 or 2 six foot rectangular tables. LCD and projector.

COST: usually $100 to $125 per person


Download program PDF


ChartExpedition Antarctica is just one of our four programs.

These four interconnected programs are designed to fully develop team potential. They focus on the key elements we have found almost every organization we have worked with in the past 25 years needs.

Individually, these programs address the most common obstacles that prevent teams from performing. Together, they lay the foundation for lasting cultural change. View our other teambuilding programs.