Why do we jump off poles?

One of the team building programs that is offered by Signature Teambuilding is one that incorporates a ropes course or sometime referred to as a challenge course.  We deliver our ropes team building programs at one of two locations through our sister company Challenge Discovery.

One of the activities at the ropes course is to climb up a twenty-five foot telephone pole, stand on top and jump off while protected and “belayed” (holding the rope for your teammate).  People that have never experienced this sometimes ask us “Why do we jump off poles?”  Of course we hear all of the somewhat sarcastic or real responses like “because it’s there” or “that’s just for adrenaline junkies.” Actually, there is a really good reason and a direct application to the work environment.  Before I give you my thoughts on this, ask yourself…”Do you work with or lead  associates are not reaching their potential?”  What if you could help them realize their own greatness?

Jumping off a pole is a critical moment in a learning exercise that all people should experience at least once in your life.  Doing so with the people you work with and rely on regularly makes it exceptionally powerful.  Climbing a twenty-five foot pole and jumping from a wobbly disk no bigger than a dinner plate can be frightening.  At first, some people shrink from the challenge.  But in the instant we commit and leap, we grasp a basic truth; Anything is possible.  The only real impediment is ourselves.

This is why we jump off poles.