New Team Building Activity Added to Signature Teambuilding List of Programs

We have recently acquired an new team building activity called “The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.”  Below I’ve written a summary of the experience.  We are excited to add this activity to our arsenal of programs because we often get requests to conduct activities in rooms that are already set up for in a meeting room environment.  We will be adding this activity to our programs page soon.  Contact us if you are interested in this program for your team!

The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

This is a fast-paced game played at tables in teams of six.  It involves risk-taking, strategic planning, communication, goal setting and teamwork.  All teams start in the small town of Apache Junction.   Teams will choose one of three different routes to and from the Mine and each has a different level of risk. Each team is outfitted with supplies are limited but sufficient resources for their journey.  Teams use resources each and every day and must plan well for the route they choose to take to the Mine.

The goals for the teams:

  • Work Together
  • Get to the Mine
  • Mine as much Gold as We Can
  • Return to Apache Junction
  • Have Fun!

The journey takes 20 days and each day takes 2-minutes!  Along the way, teams will encounter changes in weather and other variables that will force them to consider their resources and make appropriate decisions to ensure they can mine as much gold as they can and return to Apache Junction safely.


  • Focus on inter-team collaboration
  • Improved teamwork
  • Tangible ideas for better communication
  • New views on leadership


This program can be conducted in any large indoor space anywhere in the world!  The room is set up with tables and chairs for 6 people per team.  AV projector and a few additional tables are necessary in the room.  Specific room layouts are available.

Number of participants:  18 – 300

Time Commitment:  3 – 4 hours (The game plays in about 2.5 hours and then additional time is needed for debriefing and processing the experience.)

Cost:  $50 per person (minimum charge is $1500)