Innovative Team Building Activities

Signature Teambuilding is excited to introduce a new and innovative team building activity called WaterWorx.  After six months of research and trials, we are now delivering this program nationwide.

WaterWorx is a cerebral, high-energy team building program designed for a meaningful learning experience that yields dividends back in the workplace. It exercises critical thinking skills, problem solving ability and effective communication as teams solve a tough engineering challenge.  Here are just a few of the details:

WaterWorx is a cerebral, high-energy program for teams of 5-6 people, each working around a long table. During the challenge, the teams are asked to engineer a system for transporting brightly colored liquids from a central starting point to any of 12 depository locations. The teams will be given adequate resources for completing the task including pens and sketch pads, clear tubing, speed-fit valves, union T’s, male and female connectors, electric pumps and gaskets. Successful teams will use a thoughtful mix of the items to transport the liquids to their final destination during this timed event.

To make WaterWorx even more of a learning experience, we’ve built additional customizable challenges into the program so it can simulate a variety of work environments. For instance, if communication between teams is one of your challenges, the program can include rules that simulate communication challenges in the work environment.  If resource allocation or transference of work are challenges you deal with, we can create that scenario as well.

Here are a couple of other things that we think make WaterWorx a great new team building activity for any team.  It is portable so we come to you.  Teams are smaller than usual so participants can’t “hide” or not be involved.  This program expands people’s comfort zones not in a physical way but in a “thinking different” sort of way and finally it is reasonably priced and only takes about 3 hours.

If you are interested in setting this program up for your team, please give us a call at 804-651-8888.