Free Team Building Activity -Turnstiles

This activity has a number of variations to it and is appropriate for lots of populations.  I think it is most effective for large groups of perhaps 25 – 50 or more.  Usually when the activity is first introduced, many participants see this as an individual activity.  Soon they realize that if they work together, they can accomplish something they never thought was even possible.  I am sharing this version of the activity but if you would like more variations, send me an email or give me a call.  I have found this to be an excellent activity for most groups.  As always, pay careful attention to safety and manage risks appropriately.


Set Up

  • 30-50 ft length of rope

The goal is to have the entire group get from one side of the jump rope to the other side by going through the spinning rope in as few turns as possible.  If someone touches the rope or gets touched by the rope, everyone must begin again.

Set Up

Make a giant “jump rope” that utilizes the entire length of rope.  Demonstrate to the group the giant jump rope by giving it 5 or 6 turns. You should turn the rope towards the group and a slow, even pace and give them a lot of height in the turn so they can be successful getting through.  You will notice that by turning the rope toward the group, they will actually duck under the rope rather than jump it.  Give the team members the instructions that they are to get their entire team to pass through the center (between the two turners) area of the giant jump rope without anyone being touched by the rope. If you choose to have two of their own team members turn the rope, they too will have to also make it through the turning rope. Give the group time to plan and execute.

Safety Concerns

  • Caution team members of getting caught in the rope and falling
  • The rope could catch an unwary team member as it is being turned
  • Team member should trip one another and fall
  • Be sure the ground is level and even
  • Do not do this in a confined space with close walls


  • Their entire team must pass through the center area of the giant jump rope in as few turns as possible.
  • If anyone touches the rope, or if the rope touches anyone in the group the entire group must start again.

Once the entire group has made it through the rope, count the number of turns it took them and see if they can reduce that number.


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