Free Team Building Activity -Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

Set Up

  • Polyspots, enough for your team plus one

Leave the middle polyspot empty.  One half of the team stands on the polyspots to the left of the middle polyspot, the other half stands to the right. Both teams face the middle, unoccupied polyspot. Using the following moves, people on the left side must end up in the places on the right side, and vice versa.

Safety Concerns

  • Caution participants about losing their balance


  • Any move backwards.
  • Any move around someone facing the same way you are, i.e. you are looking at their back.
  • Any move which involves two persons moving at once.
  1. 2.    LEGAL MOVES: 
  • A person may move into an empty space in front of them
  • A person may move around another person who is facing an empty space.

Facilitator Options

  • Usually teams manage to solve this, but it is difficult.  Success comes with a defined leader.  After they’ve succeeded, ask them to repeat their success.
  • Next tell them that they need to do it one more time with all team members, except the leader, holding their collective breath.  It’s tough.


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