Free Team Building Activity – Ah So Koh

This ice breaker activity has been around for many years and comes in lots of different names and renditions.  I’ve been using this form because it tends to create a lot of energy and can be quite engaging.  As an ice breaker (which I often refer to as Energizers) it is designed to be fun.  I usually don’t do a lot of debriefing with this activities when I use it as one of several activities in a team building program.  This one is really perfect if your group has been put to sleep by Powerpoint presentations or is just coming back to a meeting following a big lunch.  Try not to make this too meaningful.  Just keep it light and fun.

Ah So Koh

Set Up

• Have participants stand in a circle.


Teach participants the following commands and their movements.

Ah – the person says “Ah” loudly, and takes their left or right arm across their chest, pointing at the person next to them

So - the person says “So” loudly, and takes their left or right arm above their head, pointing at the person next to them

Koh – the person uses their hand out in front of them in a Karate chop manner, and points to someone else, anywhere in the circle except to someone right next to them and says loudly “Koh”

The phrases must always go in that order, and each phrase needs its correct hand motion. You go when you are pointed at by someone next to you using “Ah” or “So”, or by someone across from you using “Koh”. The sequence then begins again.

After a couple of rounds, when everyone seems to have those three down, introduce this option:

• When you are “koh”ed at by someone you can either start again with “Ah” or put your arms up, crossing them over your chest to make an “X” and say “nooooooo.” If you say “noooooooo” then the person who said “Koh” has to start again with “Ah.”

Once the group has a good handle on it, introduce the elimination round, so if you mess up, you step out of the circle and walk around the outside trying to confuse people by shouting random words and heckling.


• Be aware of your environment, ensure there is no danger to those walking around the circle.


• The commands must go in order, Ah, So, Koh (or noooo)

• The commands must be accompanied by the correct gestures

• You cannot “Koh” someone right next to you

• If you make a mistake during the elimination round, you leave the circle and heckle the others

• Hecklers may not physically touch anyone else


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