We’ve been one of the world’s top team building program companies for over 30 years. Our record for delivering successful team building activities dates back to the days of Jimmy Carter; wide ties and big hair. Chances are we have the answer to your question(s) below, but if we don’t, please contact us.

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Is team building really worth the time and investment?

A day with Signature Teambuilding – even one – will provide powerful lessons, meaningful insights and real benefits that translate back to the office by changing habits. During our programs, leaders emerge from surprising sources. Already acknowledged leaders become even stronger. People try on new roles. Learn to appreciate new perspectives. Find potential they never knew they had. And teams get stronger, and stay stronger over time.

How do your prices compare to other team building companies?

We price our programs to help you stretch your budget. With Signature Teambuilding, you pay for a Ford and get a Ferrari. While some teambuilding companies charge more than $200 per person, you won’t pay premium prices for our highly effective programs. We know how careful you need to be with your dollars and we’re here to help. When we travel to you for a program, we do our absolute best to keep travel expenses low, with low-priced airfares with connections, double occupancy in hotels, and reasonable meals.

Other companies won’t tell you this, but when they work out of town, they hire local people, train them quickly and use them for programs. They also include travel in their total cost but then skimp on how many people they take to save money. We don’t do this. Never will. Our personable facilitators take pride in their work, and work together all the time.

Who facilitates the programs?

Our facilitators are professional, personable, fully trained and employed full-time. Why do we make a point of this? Because when some of our competitors work out of town they hire local people, train them quickly and call them “employees.” We don’t do that. Never will. Our people have the great chemistry of a real team because they are one.

With apologies to college kids everywhere, let’s begin with the fact that Signature Teambuilding doesn’t employ a single undergrad. In fact, the average tenure of our facilitators is 5 years and the average age is 38! We hire mature and seasoned facilitators, train them rigorously and employ them full-time. With Signature Teambuilding there’s no contract labor, no temporary help and no rapid-fire-hires quickly trained when we come into a new city to deliver a program.

So, let’s review. Great people. Fabulous chemistry. Flawless execution. No 18-year-olds.

What is a day of Signature Teambuilding like?

We have lots of different corporate team building programs, so there is no “typical” day. It is, however, an active day, so we’ve thoughtfully designed our programs to let people decide on how much activity they feel comfortable with. Everyone will be fully involved and valued, no matter their role.

How should I choose a program?

We can work with you to consider your team’s goals, interests, size, location and the desired duration of your programs.

Where do Signature Teambuilding programs take place?

We can conduct them at your company or anywhere else, including hotel meeting rooms and convention centers and cruise ships.

What should my team wear?

Remember, the day will be moderately active. Your team should wear comfortable clothes such as shorts or jeans and T-shirts. Prepare for the weather if your team building activities are outdoors.

What should my team bring with them?

The less the better. It’s a good idea to leave briefcases and laptops at home. One important exception is medication, which team members can take during a break.

When do we eat?

We let you decide. Let us know your plan and we’ll integrate it into your day.