Shifting Gears

Build team chemistry by leading your group through problem-solving activities, accompanied with clear and quality debriefs to reinforce lessons learned.


Shifting perceptions for more successful teams


Most team building companies are still delivering programs the old fashioned way by breaking the large group down into smaller teams which remain intact and unchanged all day. Shifting Gears is an innovative approach to team building because it integrates the entire team by conducting activities where teams are broken down and changed every time. During one activity you might be working to solve a problem in a group of 12 while the next activity has you working in a group of five with all new team members. You may even find yourself working in a single team of 100 people or more!

We rely on experience when we deliver a Shifting Gears Program. In order to successfully meet your goals and objectives, sometimes we find its best not to stick to a plan. We pack over three times the amount of activities and props needed for a Shifting Gears program because we understand the importance of adaptability in the workplace. Our facilitators constantly assess a group’s progress and pick from a wide variety of different activities based on your group’s journey throughout the day. This added flexibility accompanied with our ability to fit our plan to the group, rather than fit the group to the plan differentiates us from other teambuilding companies.


All Shifting Gears programs are completely inclusive and engage everyone in the team, turning even the most cynical participants into involved champions. In addition to building relationships across the entire group, we guarantee that each Shifting Gears program motivates your team to:

• Explore opportunities for better collaboration
• Learn to think more creatively and effectively
• Practice effective communication techniques
• Develop critical thinking skills
• Build relationships based on trust
• Evaluate leadership behaviors
• Challenge assumptions.



We offer short programs for memorable “bursts” of learning as well as longer programs for more intensive team learning.

• 1.0 –  Hour
• 1.5 – 2 Hours
• 2.5 – 4.0 Hours

Number of Participants

10 – 250 People


• 1.0 – Hour = $30* Per Person (Minimum charge $750)
• 1.5 – 2 Hours = $60* Per Person (Minimum charge $1,000)
• 2.5 – 4.0 Hours = $125* Per Person

Price for Government & Non-Profit

• 1.0 – 1 Hour = $25* Per Person (Minimum charge $600)
• 1.5 – 2 Hours = $50* Per Person (Minimum charge $900)
• 2.5 – 4.0 Hours = $100* Per Person

*Volume discount may be available

Program Requirements

Approximately 50 sq. ft. of open space per person.


The team loved the program particularly how it brought all of us together through very interactive & thoughtful exercises. There was never a dull moment during the entire 3 hour session, which is a great testatement to Greg’s ability to read and engage his audience. The team is probably already thinking about doing the next stage/ level of this program, something we should tentatively pencil in for 1H 2014.

Thanks again Greg for a job well done!

Rahul DhareshwarCapital One Financial - Wilmington, Delaware