Rapid Egg Delivery (RED)

Teams build an “egg carrier” and an “egg launcher” to safely reach a target at the lowest possible production cost. A program that builds stronger teams through intense interaction and collaboration.

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An ‘eggciting’ exercise in collaboration


Rapid Egg Delivery is our corporate twist on the old “middle school science experiment” in which you build a wrapping around an egg and drop it from a certain height hoping it won’t break. Our version creates a “high-stakes” environment in which an egg is launched from a machine designed with the hopes of reaching a target more than 25 feet away.

At the beginning of the program, teams (6 – 8 people) will be able to choose between a variety of roles and responsibilities: engineering, finance, risk management, sales, marketing, project management and others. Each team begins with ample materials to build the “egg launcher”, and additional materials to build the “egg carrier” at the “company store.” The goal is to reach the target with the egg intact at the lowest possible production cost. Will the sales work effectively with engineering? Will the finance team work well with the marketing team? How will the risk management team impact the final results? This fun, effective team building program begins with intense interactions and ends with creative solutions accompanied with real learning that is applicable for any workplace environment.


After all of the teams have launched their eggs, our team will lead a facilitated debrief to discuss these topics:

• Team effectiveness
• Communication strategies
• Vision and seeing the big picture
• Time and resource management
• Sharing best practices


Number of Participants

25 – 100 People

Program Length/Price

2.0 Hours = $95 Per Person

Program Length/Price (Government & Non-Profit)

2.0 Hours = $85 Per Person

Program Requirements

Approximately 50 sq. ft. of open space per person + tables & chairs for each team.