Enlighten Your Team

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Experience. Learn. Grow. Change.

Programs that enlighten teams are custom designed and encourage groups to re-think their preconceived definition of teamwork through the use of engaging problem-solving challenges accompanied by rich facilitation, creating learning opportunities that connect to work.
Shifting Gears Team Building Program

Shifting Gears

Shifting perceptions for more successful teams

Build team chemistry by leading your group through problem-solving activities, accompanied with clear and quality debriefs to reinforce lessons learned.


TEAMQuest Team Building Program


Get your team out of the office and off the ground

Using a high ropes course, your members will try something new, take risks, gain insights into their own potential, and challenge their assumptions about others, resulting in an experience that is profound and personally transforming.


RED Team Building Program

Rapid Egg Delivery (RED)

An ‘eggciting’ exercise in collaboration

Teams build an “egg carrier” and an “egg launcher” to safely reach a target at the lowest possible production cost. A program that builds stronger teams through intense interaction and collaboration.


Lost Dutchman Team Building Program

Lost Dutchman

A wild west parallel to the real world!

Fast-paced, high-energy board game played at tables that delivers aha! moments utilizing collaboration, competition and productivity concepts.


WaterWorx Team Building Program


The ideal way to get teamwork and communication flowing!

WaterWorx is a cerebral, high-energy program designed for a meaningful learning experience that yields dividends back in the workplace. It exercises critical thinking skills, problem solving ability and effective communication.


Teaming the Teachers Team Building Program

Teaming the Teachers

Infuse new energy into your school community

Teaming the Teachers works specifically with teachers and administrators to break down silos, build relationships, and to create a community giving students the best opportunity for success.


Custom Team Building Program

Custom Teambuilding

When our standard programs don’t fit the bill, we roll up our sleeves and design a 100% customized program for your team. How do we do it? We listen to you first.


Energize Your Team

Energize Your Team

Programs that energize teams encourage groups to share bonding experiences and to build relationships while bringing out their competitive spirit through the use of fun and exciting problem-solving games and activities.