Urban Excursion

Combine a scavenger hunt with the famous television show, The Amazing Race and you get a high-energy teambuilding program which offers a day of healthy competition and time to recharge the batteries.

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Just like The Amazing Race, but without the plane flights


Urban Excursion is an ideal outing for corporations or other organizations searching for a day of out-of-the-box, adrenaline-fueled FUN. This exciting program offers the ultimate urban adventure in which teams race around a city – any city – in vehicles, on foot, or by train. From searching for answers to city-centric trivia questions to successfully responding to detours or roadblocks along the way, Urban Excursion is a guaranteed day of fun for your team.


Number of Participants

20 – 100 People

Program Length/Price

5.0 – 6.0 Hours = $85 Per Person

Program Length/Price (Government & Non-Profit)

5.0 – 6.0 Hours = $75 Per Person

Program Requirements

Meeting place with tables and chairs before and after program activities.