Minute To Win It

Using a combination of brain twisters and light physical challenges, Minute to Win It encourages teamwork by having people think, plan and work together in a fun and exciting environment.

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Mind-twisting, body-bending fun


Treat your team to a few fun-filled hours where everyone can participate. We use simple activities just like the television show but instead of working alone you will work in pairs to earn valuable points for your team. There are 15 challenges delivered in three rounds and your group progresses throughout the program, each round gets more difficult. Because your group will not be familiar with all the challenges, teams will get 30 minutes of “training camp”, to practice all of the activities. Then teams will choose representatives for each Minute To Win It challenge. In the end, the team with the most points wins!


Number of Participants

30 – 50 People

Program Length/Price

2.0 – 2.5 Hours = $50 Per Person

Program Length/Price (Government & Non-Profit)

2.0 – 2.5 Hours = $45 Per Person

Program Requirements

The program must take place indoors. To carry out the program, we need:
• Space of about 50 square feet per person
• 12 six-foot-long rectangular tables
• Minimum of one LCD projection screen (two or three are preferred) connected to an in-house sound system


Hi Greg,

Thank you for the “Minute To Win It” program you delivered for our team. It was great. I received a lot of “that was so much fun” comments. One person told me that was the best team building event he had done in 15 years. Another person also asked me for information on the event so he could tell another group about it, of course I referred him to the Signature Teambuilding website. Again, thank you so much!!

Melissa HeffingerCapital One Financial Richmond, Virginia