Energize Your Team

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Play. Perform. Excite. Unite.

If you are looking for a fun day out of the office to energize your team and build relationships, our corporate outings are for you. These programs are smart not silly.  They challenge the intellect and drive the competitive spirit (in good ways). If your stereotype of “team building” is stupid and embarrassing, give our programs a try.  You’ll be surprised at the positive feedback you will get from your team.
Urban Excursion Team Building Program

Urban Excursion

Just like The Amazing Race, but without the plane flights

Identity Statement: Combine a scavenger hunt with the famous television show, The Amazing Race and you get a high-energy teambuilding program which offers a day of healthy competition and time to recharge the batteries.


CONQUEST Team Building Program


Just like Survivor, but without the bug eating

Conquest is our version of the popular reality TV show, Survivor one key difference: teams are built rather than destroyed.


Full Circle Drumming Team Building Program

Full Circle Drumming

Turn your team into a tribe!

An interactive, rhythmic team building experience to build stronger teams.


Minute To Win It Team Building Exercise

Minute To Win It

Mind-twisting, body-bending fun

Using a combination of brain twisters and light physical challenges, Minute to Win It encourages teamwork by having people think, plan and work together in a fun and exciting environment.


SkyTrek Team Building Exercise


Rise to the challenge!

A safe, challenging and unforgettable adventure outside of the office.


Custom Team Building Program

Custom Teambuilding

When our standard programs don’t fit the bill, we roll up our sleeves and design a 100% customized program for your team. How do we do it? We listen to you first.


Enlighten Your Team

Enlighten Your Team

Programs that enlighten teams are custom-designed and encourage groups to re-think their preconceived definition of teamwork through the use of engaging problem-solving challenges accompanied by rich facilitation, creating learning opportunities that connect to work.