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  • Innovative Team Building Activities

    Signature Teambuilding is excited to introduce a new and innovative team building activity called WaterWorx.  After six months of research and trials, we are now delivering this program nationwide. WaterWorx is a cerebral, high-energy team building program designed for a meaningful learning experience that yields dividends back in the workplace. It exercises critical thinking skills, problem solving ability and […]

  • This is how Signature Teambuilding adds real value to an organization.

    From time to time we have the privilege of receiving unsolicited feedback about our programs and the effect Signature Teambuilding programs have on an organization and it’s people.  The following note came from a person who has participated in Signature Teambuilding programs on several occasions as part of an annual meeting for an entire organization. […]

  • The FIVE Best Questions to Ask ANY Team Building Provider

    #1.  “You seem to offer a lot of programs, how do you differentiate your team building programs?” Can they articulate the difference in their programs by more than just the number of participants, length of program, location, type of activity and other logistics?  Are they able to clearly distinguish between programs that are designed for […]