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  • The FIVE Best Questions to Ask ANY Team Building Provider

    #1.  “You seem to offer a lot of programs, how do you differentiate your team building programs?” Can they articulate the difference in their programs by more than just the number of participants, length of program, location, type of activity and other logistics?  Are they able to clearly distinguish between programs that are designed for […]

  • Beware of team building companies picking your pocket.

    A month ago I attended the NCCPS conference in Boulder, CO.  This was my first time attending and it was quite good and interesting.  The conference used an “Open Space” format which is interesting because people just sort of gather and create the conference topics based on need and there is a general assumption that […]

  • Experiential Learning is Team Building

    We all have blind spots when it comes to our own abilities, and they represent our opportunities to adjust our behaviors, improve our performance and get better results. But how can we act on our opportunities if we can’t see them? Enter experiential learning…the Signature Teambuilding way. We believe that experiential learning is truly the […]

  • And You Call That Team Building???

    It has happened again.  Someday I hope to get off of this rant about everyone calling everything team building but until then I feel compelled to continue to educate people on the importance of really checking into the qualification of team building providers. A friend of the family works at a dentist’s office and once […]

  • Why do we jump off poles?

    One of the team building programs that is offered by Signature Teambuilding is one that incorporates a ropes course or sometime referred to as a challenge course.  We deliver our ropes team building programs at one of two locations through our sister company Challenge Discovery. One of the activities at the ropes course is to […]

  • Defining Team Building

    Today it seems like just about any group activity can be defined as team building.  Recently a client told me they needed something with more “substance” because their last team building event didn’t seem to “work”.  Of course I asked, “What did you do?” The response was “We went Go-Kart Racing.”  Really?  And you wonder […]