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  • And You Call That Team Building???

    It has happened again.  Someday I hope to get off of this rant about everyone calling everything team building but until then I feel compelled to continue to educate people on the importance of really checking into the qualification of team building providers. A friend of the family works at a dentist’s office and once […]

  • Free Team Building Activity – Have U Ever

    This week I am sharing and all-time favorite Signature Teambuilding team building activity.  During some of our team building programs people recognize this one from their days in college sitting around with a bunch of friends with a alcoholic beverages in hand.  No alcohol required (or recommended) for this one!  I like this ice breaker […]

  • Why do we jump off poles?

    One of the team building programs that is offered by Signature Teambuilding is one that incorporates a ropes course or sometime referred to as a challenge course.  We deliver our ropes team building programs at one of two locations through our sister company Challenge Discovery. One of the activities at the ropes course is to […]

  • Just Finish It

    Most of the posts I write are directed at team building and group dynamics.  Today I have a different thought to write about.  As I have been watching the London Olympics, I am continually amazed at the will power and perseverance we see in these athletes.  Just as the London Olympics will provide us with […]

  • Defining Team Building

    Today it seems like just about any group activity can be defined as team building.  Recently a client told me they needed something with more “substance” because their last team building event didn’t seem to “work”.  Of course I asked, “What did you do?” The response was “We went Go-Kart Racing.”  Really?  And you wonder […]