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We use experiential learning to accelerate the process of building relationships and teamwork.


When we began delivering programs 30 years ago, the word “team building” didn’t exist. Over the last decade, our industry has been diluted by thousands of companies that say they deliver “team building” programs. We like to think we define “team building” a little differently.

Signature Teambuilding accelerates the process of building relationships with new teams and helps intact teams develop deeper and more meaningful relationships, which leads to better communication and trust.  We do this by using experiential learning through the use of “smart” fun and challenging team building activities. Go ahead, Google “team building” and see what comes up. You will find that just about anything today constitutes “team building” and many organizations are laying claim to being experts in the field.

Here’s what we know. Everyone has a different definition of team building. For some it is a day of fun and play with no intention of learning anything specific. The experience is passive as it relates to learning and simply sharing an experience together as a team is enough. For others, there are very specific learning objectives and goals for the group. Team building experiences like this are often considered an “investment” in the people.

Signature Teambuilding understands the difference and has clearly differentiated our programs into two categories:

Enlighten Your Team (learning)

Enlighten Your Team

Energize Your Team (purely fun)

Energize Your Team

Deciding this difference is the starting point with all of our clients. We help you define what you are looking for and if you are unable to decide on your own, our experience will help you determine the best experience for your group.

Whether you choose Signature Teambuilding or someone else offering team building programs, do your homework and don’t get fooled by a fancy website and corporate logos. We believe the best way to review a company’s credentials is to call and ask. Will you be speaking to the person that will be delivering your program?  Are they able to ask you questions that are difficult to answer that make you think? Do they really understand how to engage everyone in the group and to work with those individuals who do not want to attend? Find out how long they have been working with the same company. Do they work with many different companies a single time or do they become embedded in the company and work with many different departments throughout the enterprise. These are important questions to ask.

Remember, any valuable team building program is not cheap, so make sure you receive the value you expect.


Greg Huber - Signature Teambuilding President

Greg Huber


We never know which Greg Huber will show up for work: the leader, the visionary, the Renaissance man, the adrenaline junkie, the teacher, the coach or the husband and father. Any one of them is uniquely qualified to lead Signature Teambuilding.

Greg’s passion for creating a very different kind of team building company started more than 12 years ago while leading nationally recognized Challenge Discovery for more than 15 years. He was one of the first to identify the need to develop team building activities and programs with flexible mobility, so Greg created one of the first team building companies that could travel anywhere in the world, and because each program was all customized, he decided to name it Signature Teambuilding.

Greg’s first exposure to experiential education was at age 16 while participating in a variety of personal adventures. Greg’s technical skills emerged from experience in rock and ice climbing, backpacking, canoeing and kayaking, and mountaineering. His facilitation skills have been honed by working with hundreds of thousands of participants worldwide for over twenty five years. Greg has delivered team building programs for local businesses and Fortune 100 companies in 41 of our 50 states and several countries around the world including Japan and Egypt.

Greg considers himself a life-long learner and values learning from other prominent leaders in various fields such as The Walt Disney World Company and Outward Bound Adventure Programs. Greg holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Illinois State University and a Master’s Degree in Sports Science from the University of Richmond. He is an ambitious, confident and adaptive individual who enjoys cycling, yard work, and spending time with his wife & kids when he is not trekking across the globe, managing all aspects of his two team building companies, Signature Teambuilding and its sister company, Challenge Discovery.